Director and Photographer who has been in the business for 30 years. Now also offering creative consultation – to develop brands look and feel as well as image styles.

I started taking pictures when I was 12 – loading my own film, shooting, developing and printing, After a degree in Drama and Contemporary Dance I moved through most crew roles in film production – from runner through locations, assistant directing to producing on everything from features to commercials, pop videos to global corporates and since have been directing and photographing advertising, music and branded content for 18 years.

I have always resisted the traditional ad director route of having a style and sticking to it. I am far more interested in being results-driven – About what the communication I make for you, today, for your audience today can achieve and making it bespoke from that point backward. I feel confident with the technology and the process of managing client and agency expectations having had a strong grounding in production, but most of all my experience of working with narrative and actors means I can get strong performances whilst my photographer’s eye pays very careful attention to framing.

You can see my portfolio here

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