Will I ever..

Get to travel to those places still on my bucket list? As I read a diary of post blast experiences in Beirut in Monocle magazine this morning I lamented the fact that I had yet to visit this once beautiful city long on my top ten places to go to. Above are my travel stats…

Raw, Naked, Grief.

As some of you know I now split my time roughly 50/50 between London and Bristol. This affords me 4-5 hours a week in the car or on the train to consume audiobooks and podcasts. I will probably write another piece at some time to run through my favourites but for now, I want to…

Musings from an ancient backpacker

So things have really changed since I last took to the road with my world on my back.. The world has gotten much more globalized – there are very much less off the beaten track places to reach easily.. Gone are the Internet cafes – I write now on my iPad and with a lightweight…

It’s easter time

Its Coronavirus Lockdown And I was on a podcast with my good friend Sohail talking about the lockdown.


Drive productions – sadly no longer around were the best prod co doing the 4d projection stuff globally. They asked me to shoot a bunch of abstracts for their new website – a dream job – a night around London capturing anything that grabbed my attention.

New Orleans

In the states i love to walk – it always surprises people as i tend to not choose scenic routes but just A to B. In this instance to a mall some 6 miles away from where i was staying in New Orleans. The textures and colours and graphical lines please me.. immensely.  

Cape Town Friends

A perfect Sunday with great food and amazing friends in Cape Town. I love hanging out with photographers and filmmakers and was joyous to discover that all of the guys I know in the business there favour Leica as much as I do.  

Cape Walk

First day in the cape, hottest day of the year so far, 6k walk from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay, fish and chips for lunch. 3 swims along the way.    


“Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your mind” Henry Ford Quote sent me by a client after a shoot with them yesterday.  So…

Maison Plisson

Passionate foodie that I am I have been looking forward very much to visiting my friend Delphine’s new deli/traiteur/restaurant in Paris. She stayed with us when in London and was researching it before opening at which time s she subjected us to the arduous task of tasting numerous cheeses from Neals Yard… France has a…


I learnt some rudimentary Japanese cooking skills from my very good friend Naoko Abe many years ago and often make simple home-style meals for weekday dinners. Our passion and confidence for cooking Asiatic cuisine grew manifestly from taking a cooking course at Miss Vy’s cooking school in Hoi An in Vietnam. So when we had…


Its been a few years since I spent time in Paris as a tourist. It was pleasantly refreshing. I love how the city juxtaposes old and new as you see here in this picture at the Louvre. I went for a couple of days with one of my oldest buddies Jared Hendler – digital marketing…

Leica test

I have been researching the last few weeks a wholesale migration for my work cameras from Nikon to Leica. Colin Johnston at Leica has been incredibly helpful in facilitating this. This weekend its been the turn of the LeicaSL which i took out on our trip to the south bank yesterday. Courtesy of our great friend…

Its a new year and..

Announcing departure of Flight 2016, your luggage should only contain the best souvenirs from 2015. The duration of the flight will be 12 months. There will be a stop over at peace & love, and another at adventure land. Fasten your seat belts, and remember to take a moment to look out the window from…

Flamenco moment

A little colour to brighten up January – A shot from a shoot i did in Formentera with Jax May the incredibly talented Yoga teacher behind http://www.formenterayoga.com


This is a repost – just love it     rubyetc: I found these gifs I made a while back for a site that’s not running anymore, so I thought I’d post them here. It’s a description of psychiatric symptoms and states of mind using a pink box and some other stuff.


I have long held a theory about age and our journey through life being related to expanses of water – water being life, femininity and creativity. If we look at the numbers.. those little jumps we make as milestones in our childhood – 10, 13,15,16,18,20,21 – all are marked in some way.. first decade, first…

setting up

Lovely Lucy sitting in for me to frame and light on a shoot with some artists in Ibiza


  i can often be seen on my knees getting close to a pavement o door to capture our graphical world 0 these from Seattle, Porto, Copenhagen and London

Abstract Texture

TEXTURE I love natural and man made textures when abstract – these are all lamp- posts in Nicaragua


Heres a nice narrative shot where you wonder what lies out of the frame – from a wedding a few years ago.

Children Learn what they Live

Received from a friend volunteering in the Gambia. If a child lives with criticism He learns to condemn;If a child lives with hostilityHe learns to fight;If a child lives with ridiculeHe learns to be shy;If a child lives with shameHe learns to feel guilty;If a child lives with toleranceHe learns to be patient;If a child…


Day trip Williamsburg Hipstaland – Walked from Manhattan over the bridge to hang.